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Approach to leadership

Daniel Goleman’s research showed that the qualities traditionally associated with leadership are necessary but they are not enough. In this workshop personnel investigate their preferred leadership style using Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence matrix, then reflect on their own actions at work, especially as leaders and managers.

This heightens their awareness of the drivers behind both their own behaviour and the way they respond to others, which in turn contributes to their growth as leaders.  


Duration: 3 hours

Audience: managers, supervisors, coordinators, team leaders

Negotiate a win-win

Negotiation is a skill set that can be learned and it is an invaluable asset to anyone in a position that requires them to persuade others to their point of view. People in a leadership and management role are negotiating every day, in virtually every interpersonal interaction.

The principles of negotiation are universal and can be applied in most settings. This workshop provides the opportunity to rehearse them in a safe setting before tackling real world situations.


Duration: 3 hours

Audience: managers, supervisors, coordinators, team leaders


Not just a ‘bad day at work’

Distress at work is not just ‘having a bad day’. A person who is experiencing distress may display signs that are noticeable over time or there may be a marked change in their behaviour. Even if external factors are the major cause, there are work factors that are likely to contribute to the person’s distress.
This workshop increases understanding of the major causes of personal and work related stress and helps participants to reflect on their own stressors and what they can do to minimise their impact.


Duration: 3 hours

Audience: managers, supervisors, coordinators, team leaders

Abusive behaviour @ work

Abusive behaviour has many names, including bullying, harassment and emotional blackmail. It happens face-to-face, and it happens in work emails and on work intranets. It can happen in front of others, or in subtle and covert ways. Whatever the circumstance, it is usually damaging to the target’s wellbeing.

This workshop raises the awareness of participants about what constitutes abusive behaviour and considers the legal, ethical and wellbeing issues associated with it.


Duration: 3 hours

Audience: managers, supervisors, coordinators, team leaders


Manage by project 

The principles of project management can be applied to many of those work tasks that never seem to end. Also, managing by project is well suited to today’s highly flexible business environment with many tight deadlines and focus on outcomes.

This workshop provides the opportunity to look at work routines a different way. It also helps participants plan the implementation of this new perspective by applying basic project techniques.


Duration: 3 hours

Audience: managers, supervisors, coordinators, team leaders

Manage intellectual property

Every organisation has its own IP and every organisation uses the IP of other entities. However, many managers are not aware of what falls into this category and this increases business risk. There is also the opportunity to generate IP in many businesses.

This workshop skills participants in the four different types of intellectual property, including their legal implications. It also helps them identify how it is deployed and managed within their area of responsibility.


Duration: 3 hours

Audience: managers, supervisors, coordinators, team leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these workshops for?

Many top operators are promoted to a supervisory or management position without too much orientation or training. In addition, people who have been in the workplace for a long time benefit from a refresher. 

Positive approach, collegial awareness, new ways of working and wellbeing while at work make a massive difference to outcomes.  We specialise in skill building to improve workplace productivity.

Short, sharp and practical workshops.

How do we arrange for a workshop at our premises?

Our workshops are available to organisations in most parts of Australia. Our facilitators travel to your premises and we are able to customise workshops to suit your current priorities.

Charges depend on the services that you require and timing is subject to our work schedule. Simply make an enquiry via this website and we shall contact you to discuss further.

How do we know they will suit our organisation?

Absolutely. We can do a full day consisting of two workshops or a series of workshops over several months. It is also possible for us to be part of your conference or business retreat.

Can we arrange for more than one workshop?

We maximise value by customising workshops to suit the context of your organisation. They can be tailored to a commercial, government or not-for-profit environment of any size. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Who provides the workshops?

Our facilitators are experienced business operators who have management expertise across a range of organisations and industries. They have ‘walked the talk’. If you have a number of facilities, then it can be arranged for the same facilitator to run workshops at all of your venues, so that there is a consistent message across the organisation.

All you need to provide is a classroom environment with a whiteboard….and coffee!

How much do you charge for workshops?

Charges are dependent on the required services. Sometimes we provide business consultancy  or assist with project or event plans, so we discuss your business need and agree a charge. Payment is by invoice prior to the delivery of services, unless otherwise arranged. Any travel and accommodation is charged at cost.